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Dr. Paul D. Weir


Experience Counts

With over 30 years experience of delivering quality safe anesthesia care Dr. Weir has the experience and skills you need to have a safe anesthetic experience.  As a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with extensive experience in Cardiac, Pediatric, Outpatient,  and Regional anesthesia, Dr. Weir will use his skills to give you a safe and pleasant anesthetic experience.

Paul D Weir, MD anesthesiologist in West Hills California is ready for your anesthesia needs. 


Trusted Leader

Since the early days of his career Dr. Weir has been a trusted leader.  After the completion of his anesthesiology residency and critical care medicine fellowship, he was the acting director of the Surgical Intensive Care unit of the VA hospital in Long Beach.  Dr. Weir then later served as Chief of the Cardiac Anesthesia Section as well as Chief of the Anesthesiology Department at St. Vincent Hospital in Los Angeles.  Paul D Weir MD has serve as Chief of the Anesthesiology Department, Chief of Staff elect, Chairman of the credential committee and member of the Medical Executive Committee at Motion Pictures and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills.

Dr. Weir completed his term as  Chief of the Anesthesiology Department and Member of the Medical Executive Committee at West Hills Hospital in West Hills, at the end of 2018.  In addition he has served on various committees at West Hills Hospital, Motion Picture and Television Hospital and St. Vincents Hospital and Los Angeles.

Paul D Weir MD

Call to Request Dr. Weir Today

For procedures at West Hills Hospital and West Hills Surgical Center, Dr. Weir is available by request.  Call today for your procedure.  From the most complex to the more routine and short, your deserve quality anesthesia care.  Ask for Dr. Weir.


Interventional Pain Management


Pain management

Epidural steroid injections and other interventional injections are designed to patient with pain.

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Spine Pain

West Hills California

Steroid injections can treat sciatica, back pain, neck pain, radiating pain to the arms and other pains related to the spine. 

There are Many Qualified Physicians


Dr. Paul D Weir does not currently practice pain management or epidural steroid injections.  There are many qualified physicians in the West Hills area that perform these procedures.


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